This site is developed by a global team of educators from Eduterials Limited, Hong Kong.

ESL Games Plus is the brainchild of Kisito Futonge (call me Kisi). As a foreign English language teacher working in China, he had always sought ways to energize classroom teaching through games. Having seen how some of the game ideas worked wonders in turning up classroom energy, he decided it was time to share this passion for games-based learning with other educators and students. Hence, he decided to build this site whose content is 100% free for users and does not include such annoyances like log-ins, password protected areas and more. After all, as teachers we want our materials fast with no complications.

Kisi is also responsible for the creation of, and other popular education sites.

Over the years, Kisi has realized that he can offer more if he merges education with entrepreneurship. He likes to describe himself as an ‘Accidental Teacherpreneur’.  He has authored academic publications on the following subject:

  • Teacherpreneurs: From Vocation to Innovation. In ICIE2016-Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship: ICIE2016(p. 36). 2016
  • Using Insider Action Research in the Study of Digital Entrepreneurial Processes: A Pragmatic Design Choice. Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods15(2). 2017

He has furthered his education in the area of ‘Digital Entrepreneurship’ – the subject of his doctoral research.



Of course there is a team behind all this work.

Education Specialists

  • Nani D. Wall: Nani is a California based early childhood educator, who mainly ensures that our materials offer the utmost value to students.
  • Becky Susan: She teaches in Washington State and has been influential in our content creation efforts.
  • Jude Mphoweh: He is a Canada-based educator who doubles as major site critic. His role involves helping the team maintain an outsider’s view.
  • Mrs Liu is our account manager who handles accounts and payments for the team.

Technical Support Team

  • Sandeep Nehra:A site like ours requires a dedicated web development team. Heading that team is Sandeep, who deals with web development and programming issues. Sandeep simply likes the work we do and offers his services with pure dedication. His sophisticated abilities in this domain have been significant in creating a smooth experience for our visitors. He is responsible for the technical aspects involved with running this site.

The brain child behind this site is Kisi, the author of the following equally popular websites: