Technical Issues Troubleshoot

How to enable flash player on

For Windows users:
Recommended browsers:
1. Chrome Google browser

Google Chrome: If you want your technical issues to go away when using this site, simply install and use Google’s Chrome browser. Chrome is fast, lightweight and has all the necessary plugins built-in. It is first on our list. Download it here

Firefox: The latest versions of firefox will work well with our site. But it is second place for a reason. Donload it here

Opera: If the world were a perfect place, this browser would come pre-installed on all PC. This is a powerful lightweight browser that works well with our site. Download it here


Internet Explorer 9 and above: Did I say internet explorer 9? The emphasis is on 9. Upgrade to IE 9 to avoid having issues with our site when using games. Anything below IE 9 is not recommended. Download the latest IE browser here. If you are on Windows 7 you should already have IE 9.


Other Recommendations:

If you are having issues viewing flash games, try installing or upgrading to the latest flash player. Download it here.

If you have problems opening PDF files, download Acrobat Reader from here.

For PowerPoint presentations, make sure you have MS Office Powerpoint installed.


For MAC users:
Hooray! Apple Mac’s Safari browser has no issues with our site and games when working on a computer.

For iPhone, iOS, Tablet, Android and Mobile users:
• For all Tablets, iPad, iPhone & Android users, the games from here will work with all devices.
• For iPad & iPhone users, only the games on this page work on iPad
• For Android Phones & Tablets, all games may work on older Android devices that have flash. But since flash player has been pulled from the app store, new Android devices will no longer play flash games. Only the mobile games on this site will run on new Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab. In that case, only the games here work on the new devices.


If you have tried all of the above and nothing has worked, please contact us below: