Alexander Graham Bell Facts, Science Game

What is Alexander Graham Bell known for? This game will help children learn key facts about the Scottish-born inventor, Alexander Graham Bell. Bell is well-known for inventing the telephone. Something is up with Scottish-born Alexanders! From Alexander Fleming to Alexander Graham Bell, it is clear that the inventions of Scottish-born scientists have contributed significantly to the advancement of humankind. Play this game to learn key facts about Alexander Graham Bell.

Alexander Graham Bell Facts

Learn about the life and career of Alexander Graham Bell, a man who revolutionized the field of hearing. Find out about his parents, his inventions, and his life story. Here is a timeline of Bell's life. We hope you enjoy this Alexander Graham Bell Facts article! Let's begin! Let's start with his early years. As a young boy, Alexander Bell was mostly deaf. His parents used an ear trumpet to hear his mother's voice, and he would talk close to her forehead to feel the vibrations of her voice.
If you are interested in the history of the telephone, you will want to know some Alexander Graham Bell facts. Bell's mother, Eliza Grace Symonds, was largely deaf as a child. She relied on an ear trumpet to hear conversations. Despite her limited hearing, Bell was determined to improve her son's quality of life. Bell even taught himself to play the piano. He became very proficient at it.
His parents
Alexander Graham Bell was born on March 3, 1847. He was the second son of Alexander Melville Bell, an eminent phonetician and lecturer in elocution who created the "Visible Speech" symbols. His parents were Scottish immigrants. Alexander's mother was deaf, and his father taught elocution to the deaf. His father was an expert in elocution, and his uncle taught speech therapy to the deaf. After graduating from high school, Bell attended University College London and passed entrance examinations for that university. In June 1868, Bell matriculated at the college.
His inventions
At the age of 12, Alexander Graham Bell was fascinated with the husks on wheat grains and came up with an invention that would greatly cut the time spent husking wheat. He designed a rotary-brushing device using a nail brush and paddle that could work together to remove the husks. Although this device wasn't perfect, it was much faster than manual husking. As an adult, Bell became one of the most influential inventors of the 19th century.
His career
During his early years, Alexander Graham Bell attended the Royal High School of Edinburgh and later became a pupil-teacher of elocution and music at the Weston House Academy in Elgin. He later attended the University of Edinburgh and later graduated from the University College London. His interest in acoustics began at a very early age. His mother suffered from deafness, so he became interested in the science of acoustics.
His life in Canada
During his early life in England, Alexander Graham Bell studied at the University of Edinburgh and later graduated from the Royal High School in Edinburgh. After graduating from university, Bell emigrated to Canada in 1870. The rest of his life was spent in Boston, Massachusetts. While living in Boston, Bell implemented his father's system of teaching deaf children. In Baddeck, he became fascinated with the climate, people, and Scottish culture. Afterward, he established a School of Vocal Physiology and was soon made Professor of Vocal Physiology at Boston University School of Oratory.
His death
Many people have heard of the invention of telephones. But what is the story behind their invention? Alexander Bell, whose birth date was October 15, 1846, is often forgotten. Although his work and invention changed the world, it remains one of the most important historical events of the nineteenth century. Although his invention influenced nearly every technology we use today, his death remains a mystery. Read on to discover the story behind his amazing invention.