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Interactive Asian map for kids

Asia is a gigantic continent. You can hike across the frigid hinterlands of Russia, ski down the sand dunes in Saudi Arabia, and say hello to the sea critters living in the coral reefs of the Philippines’ seas, and remain within the boundaries of the largest continent on Earth. We can subdivide Asia into several […]

Interactive Canadian map for kids

Canada is among the world’s largest countries, yet very few people live in its pristine but untamed land. It touches three oceans on three sides – to the west, the northern Pacific Ocean, to the east, the Atlantic, and to its north, the frigid seas of the Arctic. Only a quarter of Canadians eke out […]

Interactive Africa map for kids

Africa is known as the hottest continent on Earth, but it isn’t made entirely out of deserts and savannahs. This landmass is home to many tropical and subtropical biomes, features wide stretches of lush rainforests, and even includes snowy areas atop its highest mountains. Several diverse countries make up Africa. You may be familiar with […]

Interactive Europe map for kids

Europe is a continent of rich history and traditions. Although composed of quite a lot of smaller and individually stunning nations, many of their cultures share a tightly-knit history with one another. For instance, France is different from Italy or Spain in many ways – from their landmarks, to their dances, cheeses and favourite dishes […]

Interactive US map for kids

The United States has come very far since the original thirteen colonies claimed their independence from Great Britain. The country expanded for several decades, with people settling increasingly westwards until they reached the Pacific Ocean. With a nation stretching from coast to coast, and from the frigid tundras of Alaska to the baking hot plains […]

Tooth diagram

Your teeth are remarkably tough and enable you to chew and break apart an incredible variety of food – from tender chunks of meat to the hard flesh of an apple. They also allow you to pronounce certain sounds and help add definition to your face. The crown is the only part of the tooth […]

Waterfall diagram geography

A waterfall is a mesmerizing sight to witness if you happen to be hiking on a mountain. These wonders of nature transport water from a river into the section flowing below to begin its downstream journey to the sea. The creation of a waterfall is primarily reliant on the composition of the rocks underneath it. […]

Food chain diagram

Energy is constantly flowing across an ecosystem through several stages. The food chain is an easy way to illustrate how each stage gives and receives energy as part of a linear process. Together, several food chains can also form a more complex food web. The food chain conventionally starts with producers or autotrophs, like plants. […]

Wind vane diagram

Wind vanes are some of the most commonplace weather instruments out there, especially if you live in a farm or a rural area. Traditionally, people on farms found these devices useful for predicting the weather. You can tell, for example, if a storm is coming based on the direction a wind blows from. A wind […]

Rain gauge diagram

Meteorologists track the amount of rainfall to help them forecast the weather and analyze if an area is experiencing abnormal weather patterns. The data they collect is also used so farmers can plan on how to protect their crops from incoming bouts of rain or drought. The rain gauge is a simple-looking instrument to measure […]