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Duck-billed platypus, Science Game

Learn more about the duck-billed platypus by playing this science game for kids. Anatomy a Duck-Billed Platypus The duck-billed platypus belongs to the Ornithorhynchus species. The unique appearance of this platypus makes it an interesting species. It has the fur and beak like a mammal. Its common name is 'duck-billed'. This species' scientific name is […]

Porpoises vs. Dolphins, Science Game for kids

Learn more about the differences between porpoises and dolphins by playing this science game. Porpoises Vs Dolphins Porpoises and dolphins are two of the most diminutive and corpulent marine mammals. There are many differences between porpoises, dolphins and porpoises. Porpoises are not able to interact with people, but dolphins can be social creatures. This article […]

Etruscan Shrew, Science Game for kids

Learn more about the Etruscan Shrew by playing this science game for kids. About the Shrew The Etruscan shrew, one of the smallest mammals in the world, is one of its kind. Because it is so small, its muscles are very small. This has some implications. Researchers have examined the neuroanatomy of this shrew to […]

Phases Of The Moon, Science Games

Learn more about the phases of the moon by playing this science game for kids. What to See at the Different Phases Of the Moon We'll be discussing the Waxing crescent as well as the Waking gibbous in this article. After you have mastered the first two phases, it is time to move onto the […]

Archipelago versus Island, Science Game for Kids

Learn the differences between an archipelago and island by playing this game. Archipelago, Island Let's start by looking at the geography of an island before we get into the topic of its origin and location. Geology and the origin of islands play a key role in their formation. The seafloors can be formed by volcanoes. […]

Deltas and Estuaries, Science Games for Kids

Learn more about Deltas and Estuaries by playing this science game. The Delta and Estuary and Their Impact on Birds There are so many interesting facts about the Delta and Estuary. This article will help you to understand their nature and impact on birds. This article will also cover the geology of deltas and their […]

Dinosaurs Facts, Science Game for Kids

Learn more about dinosaurs by playing this science game for kids. Dinosaur Facts: Did You Know that Dinosaurs Are Not Your Average Pet? Did you know that dinosaurs evolved into many species? What were their traits? What were their characteristics? Were they bipedal, warm-blooded and petrified. These are the kinds of questions that you'll find […]

Sea Cows – Manatees – Science Fact Game

Learn more about the manatee or sea cow by playing this game. Manatees are also at risk from the loss of warm water habitat. Manatees can't regulate their body temperature in cold waters. Conservationists are concerned about the rapid decline of Florida's manatee populations. Scientists are looking for new ways to save sea cows. Localization […]

Human Eye, Science Game for Kids

Learn more about the human eye by playing this science game for kids. The Human Eye, Its Functions Two main components make up the human eye: rods and cones. Cones are less sensitive to light than rods, but they do not contribute to central sight. They are found in the peripheral regions of your retina. […]

Mangrove Science Facts Game

This game will help review key facts about mangrove swamps and their role in maintaining entire ecosystems. Mangrove Protection Mangroves are trees and shrubs that grow in tidal, mostly tropical, coastal swamps. They have many tangled roots which grow above the ground and create dense thickets. It is vital to protect mangrove forests. But what […]