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Female reproductive system diagram quiz

The female reproductive system is necessary for sexual maturation, sexual function, and urination in females. Like the male reproductive system, it is composed of both internal and external parts. The external structures are called the genitals or vulva. It contains substances and structures that protect the inner parts from harmful bacteria and particles. The vulva […]

The water cycle quiz online

From relaxing, rainy afternoons to wintertime fun playing with snow, the water cycle is responsible for many types of weather we enjoy. Water doesn’t stay in one place – it always moves throughout the environment through the water cycle. The water cycle is made of several stages as water moves and changes phases. Evaporation occurs […]

The diagram of the skin labelling quiz

We don’t thank our skin enough for its roles in our bodies. It’s a tough and complex organ that protects our bodies from the environment and all sorts of harmful particles and microbes. Our skin even contains a protein called keratin to make it waterproof. The skin is actually the body’s largest organ – stretching […]

The parts of a plant cell diagram quiz

All life on Earth is made of cells – plants are no exception. Plant cells, like animal cells, are very tiny, and you share many familiar organelles, such as the nucleus, cytoplasm, mitochrondia, Golgi apparatus, and endoplasmic reticulum. However, plant cells also have a few different structures that aren’t found in animal cells. Plant cells […]

Human lungs diagram labelling quiz

The lungs work hard to provide oxygen to our body. As we inhale, it expands much like a balloon with fresh, oxygen-rich air. When we exhale, it shrivels up, releasing air full of carbon dioxide, a waste product of our body’s natural functions. The lungs are the primary organ of the respiratory system, the system […]

Leaf cross section diagram labelling quiz

Leaves are tiny sun-collecting factories. Plants need sunlight to turn water and carbon dioxide into glucose and oxygen gas in an important process called photosynthesis. Glucose, after all, is the food that plants use to grow and continue living. Because of their vital role in plant life, leaves are complex organs made of different layers […]

Frog diagram quiz online

Frogs are fascinating creatures. As amphibians, they are slimy, cold-blooded creatures that spend different stages of their lives in water and on land. You’ve probably seen some tadpoles swimming in a pond – it’s no small wonder how these baby frogs look like wholly different creatures after a few weeks. Even as adults, however, frogs […]

Label parts of a fish diagram quiz

Fish live in a pretty different part of the world. While terrestrial, or land-based, creatures such as humans can only stay underwater for a few minutes, fish are natural inhabitants of the sea. Species of fish vary wildly from one another, but they share key features that fish use to properly move, swim, breathe, eat […]

Parts of the eye diagram quiz online

Thanks to our eyes, we are able to see the world clearly. Our eyes allow us to distinguish hundreds of thousands of colors and can adjust to let us see in very bright or very dark environments. The eye is a highly complex organ. In simple terms, it gathers processes light from the environment to […]

The parts of a bacterial cell diagram quiz online

Bacteria are incredibly tiny, but they play a huge role in life on Earth – including human life. Although many cause diseases like strep throat and tuberculosis, some, for example, live in the human gut to assist in digestion and fend off harmful bacteria. Others are important to the food chain, serving as food for […]