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Heart and Blood Circulation, Science Game

This science game will help you learn more about the heart and its role in blood circulation. The Myocardium, Sinuatrial Nodes A septum divides the heart into two chambers: the upper atria and lower ventricles. The largest chamber is the left ventricle, which has walls about a half inch thick and exerts force to push […]

Science game about fossils

This science game will help children learn more about fossils. How To Find Fossils Fossils are preserved remains or traces from ancient organisms. Although the probability of finding a fossil is very low, it is possible. This article will discuss Trace fossils and Index fossils. Once you have an understanding of the fossils, you can […]

Science Game about Acid versus Alkali

This science game will help review key differences between acids and alkali. What Are the Differences Between Acid and Alkali Acids refer to chemicals that have a H=ion. Examples of acid include Hydrochloric acid and Sulphuric acids. Alkalis refer to chemicals that have the OH= ion. Sodium Hydroxide is an example. Knowing the composition of […]

Five senses Science Game for Kids

This science game will help kids learn about the five senses. Benefits of Using Five Senses We think of the five senses of the human eye: sight, hearing, taste and touch. What are the Five senses of sight? These senses can be learned from both animals and non-humans. These senses can also be used by […]

Science Game on Personal Hygiene

This science game will help kids learn more about personal hygiene. The benefits of good personal hygiene Personal hygiene means that you clean your body each day. After using the toilet, wash your hands with soap. Brushing your teeth at least twice daily. Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or your sleeve when […]

Dolphins Facts Science Game for Kids

This science game will help kids learn and review key facts about dolphins. Dolphins are Mammals Did you know that Dolphins are considered mammals? Did you know they are smart, social, agile, and intelligent? Continue reading to find out more about these amazing animals. Dolphins are intelligent mammals that live in the ocean and are […]