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The parts of a bacterial cell diagram quiz online

Bacteria are incredibly tiny, but they play a huge role in life on Earth – including human life. Although many cause diseases like strep throat and tuberculosis, some, for example, live in the human gut to assist in digestion and fend off harmful bacteria. Others are important to the food chain, serving as food for […]

Diagram of an animal cell quiz online

Gorillas, humpback whales, Labrador retrievers, iguanas, eagles, and butterflies – what do these animals have in common? Well, you’ll have to look pretty closely to find your answer – animal cells. Most animal cells are invisible to the naked eye. They are the most basic functional unit of life; every animal on Earth is made […]

Human respiratory system diagram quiz

Oxygen is needed by the body to turn food into energy. As we breathe, our body inhales molecules of oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide, a by-product of the whole process of respiration. The respiratory system in our body ensures that our body absorbs enough oxygen, and releases enough carbon dioxide, to keep functioning normally, even […]

The neuron diagram labelling quiz

The neuron, or nerve cell, is the most basic unit that composes the brain. It is a cell specialized to transmit electrical and chemical signals to other cells. These signals allow the brain to control and communicate with the rest of the body. Approximately 80 billion neurons in the nervous system send and receive signals […]

The male reproductive system quiz

The male reproductive system enables urination and sexual function in men. It produces the sperm and semen necessary for the fertilization of ova, which leads to pregnancy and birth in females. Most of the male reproductive system is found outside of the body. The external parts of this system include the penis, scrotum and testes, […]

Heart diagram labelling quiz

When you make a closed fist, it will roughly be the size of your own heart. In addition, if you close and open your fists around 60 times per minute – the normal resting heart rate for adults - you can catch a glimpse at how hard the heart works to pump blood throughout your […]

Diagram of a flower labelling quiz

Flowers are bright, blooming things that bring life to any scene, but they also serve a vital role in nature. Many plants that we use for food, construction or shelter are grown from seeds, and seeds are produced from pollinated flowers. When we think of flowers, we mostly think of their colourful petals. Petals look […]

The excretory system diagram quiz

Everything you put into the body – be it food, drink, or air – has to get out at some point. Fluids are processed and expelled as urine or sweat, carbon dioxide is expelled from inhaled air, and digested food is expelled as feces. Enter the excretory system – the system responsible for removing waste […]

The human digestive system labelling quiz

Food is used by the body to grow, function properly, and fix itself; as we eat, our digestive system breaks down and reassembles food into nutrients, such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals, which are used for fuel, building muscle, and many other needs. In this human digestive system labelling quiz, you can learn […]

Diagram of the brain quiz online

The brain is responsible for controlling the functions in the body that are needed for an organism to continue living. It also allows humans to think, learn and use mathematics and language, and possess emotions, memory, and imagination. As an organ, the brain is made of over 100 billion nerve cells or neurons. The brain […]