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Gerunds and Infinitives English Quiz Game

ESL grammar game to practice using gerunds (-ing) and infinitives (to) for English learners. Click the play button to begin. Gerunds & Infinitives – Gerunds are verbs that function as nouns. They end with –ing. Meanwhile infinitives are formed with the word ‘to’ in front of the verb. Both gerunds and infinitives can be used […]

English Quiz Game on Conjunctions and Prepositions

ESL quiz game to practice conjunctions and prepositions for young English language learners.  Click the play button to begin. Conjunctions – Conjunctions are words or phrases that join other words, phrases and clauses together. In simpler terms, conjunctions help to connect ideas in a sentence. They come in three main varieties – coordinating conjunction, subordinating […]

ESL Game on Conditionals – If plus first, second, third and zero conditionals

English grammar quiz game to practice the use of first, second, third and zero conditionals for young ESL learners. Click the play button to begin. What are conditionals?  Conditionals are sentence structures that explain a particular situation and its consequences. They usually employ 'if sentences’ – i.e., if this happens, then this is the consequence. […]

English Grammar Game on Articles and Nouns – Definite, Indefinite Articles

English Grammar Game on Articles and Nouns – Definite, Indefinite Articles to practice the definite and indefinite articles with this quiz game for ESL learners. Click the play button to begin. What is the relationship between definite, indefinite articles and nouns? The words ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘some’ and ‘the’ are known as ‘articles’ in the English […]

Adjectives and Adverbs English Grammar Game

This is an ESL learners grammar game that helps practice differentiating between adjectives and adverbs in use. Play this quiz game now to practice. Adjectives: An adjective is a word or set of words that modifies (i.e., describes) a noun or pronoun. Adjectives may either come before the words they modify or after it as in the following examples.Read […]

Food Vocabulary ESL Game

Food vocabulary quiz game for ESL / English learners to practice words related to food. This English/ESL game helps review vocabulary relating to the things we eat. It is suitable for low level beginners learners of English. English Language Vocabulary: Food, Drinks Eat Drink Hamburgers Noodles More... Game: The Kango Boomerang Game is a time-limited game of drag […]

Word Synonyms ESL Quiz Game

This is an English/ESL learners word synonyms game to build vocabulary for 1st grade kids. Play the game to develop your word skills. Vocabulary Skills pick/choose begin/start sad/unhappy run/jog noise/sound more..... Game: The Kitten Race game is a time-limited multiple choice exercise.

Word Synonyms English Vocabulary Game

This is an English language vocabulary building quiz game on word synonyms for ESL kids/learners in 1st grade. Vocabulary Skills  One way to develop vocabulary is by learning new words with a similar meaning. This game helps children and beginner English language learners to develop their vocabulary on synonyms. Examples are - Rabbit/Bunny; Jump/Hop etc. […]