Atom diagram labelling game

Atoms of different elements are the basic units that form matter – from the particles of air you breathe, to your favourite food or clothes.

While the typical diagram of an atom that you can see online or in charts depicts a nucleus at the center closely encircled by a bunch of electrons, this is only a partially accurate illustration of an atom.

In reality, atoms are theorized to be mostly empty, since the electrons are extremely far away relative to the nucleus. You can compare such distances to how many millions of kilometers each planet is to our Sun.

While an atom is usually described as the building block of all matter, it does have three subatomic components. These are the protons, neutrons, and charged clouds called electrons. The neutrons and protons are all clumped together to form the nucleus.

The number of protons possessed by an atom determines which element it is. Normally, there are as many protons as there are electrons, meaning that their positive and negative charges cancel out. When electrons are either added or lost, the atom is ionized.

Your kids or students can try our atom diagram labelling to test their knowledge on the parts of an atom and aid in the assessment of their comprehension of basic chemistry principles.