Duck-billed platypus, Science Game

Learn more about the duck-billed platypus by playing this science game for kids.

Anatomy a Duck-Billed Platypus
The duck-billed platypus belongs to the Ornithorhynchus species. The unique appearance of this platypus makes it an interesting species. It has the fur and beak like a mammal. Its common name is 'duck-billed'. This species' scientific name is Ornithorhynchus anatius.
Ornithorhynchus aatinus
Many naturalists were puzzled by the initial Ornithorhynchus description. Although the species is not a mammal or a reptile it could be the missing link between mammals and reptiles. Scientists were curious about the uniqueness of this new species and why it laid eggs. His curiosity led to answers.
The platypus (also known as the duck-billed platypus) is an egg-laying mammal that is endemic to eastern Australia. It is the only monotypic taxon of its kind, meaning that there are no other species in the world. This animal has exceptional scientific value. The platypus can only be found on the eastern Australian mainland, Tasmania and King Island. It is also known as the Kangaroo Island platypus.