Life Cycle of a Turtle, Science Game for Kids

This interactive science game is for children that teaches you about the life cycle and habits of turtles. The life cycle of turtles is fascinating. Your child will learn how a female turtle leaves the ocean to lay eggs on the sand at the beach. This science game teaches children all about the turtle's life cycle. It starts with an egg and hatches. Then it becomes a juvenile and finally an adult.

Did you know turtles have existed for more than 200 million years? They are reptiles with a shell of bone and cartilage. Turtle Life Cycle is an interactive game that teaches you about the turtle's life cycle. This game features beautiful sound effects and colorful graphics that are suitable for children.

The eggs are laid by female turtles on the same beaches every time they return. This is known as natal homing. The average lifespan of a turtle is seven to ten years. The turtle's life cycle has three main stages. The adult turtles are in the first phase of their life cycle, laying their eggs on the sand at the beach.

They make a hole in the sand to nestle their eggs and then cover it with sand. Depending on the species, the eggs will hatch within six to eight weeks. The hatchlings will have a tooth which they use to remove their shell. After about two to three weeks, the hatchlings become juveniles and leave the nest.