Nikola Tesla Facts, Science Game

This game will help children learn key facts about the inventor, Nikola Tesla. So, who was Nikola Tesla? He was a Serbian-American inventor and electrical and mechanical engineer. His best known for his contribution to the modern alternating current electricity supply system. Play this game to learn more about Nikola Tesla.

Interesting Facts About Nikola Tesla
You may be wondering about the life of Nikola Tesla. Did you know that His father was an Eastern Orthodox priest? Did you know that His experiments caused blackouts? Or that His obsession with the number three has influenced him throughout his life? In this article, you will learn all of these interesting facts about Nikola Tesla. You'll also learn that He worked on electricity while studying in a monastery. In fact, he is the only inventor to have been born with a number three as his middle name.
Nikola Tesla's father was an Eastern Orthodox priest
Tesla was born in Smiljan, a small town in Southeastern Serbia. His father was an Eastern Orthodox priest, and his mother was a talented craftswoman. She memorized Serbian epic poems and helped her son with his studies, a skill he attributed to his mother's influence and genetics. His father died on 17 April 1879, just weeks before the inventor turned 60.
His mother was not formally educated
Nikola Tesla's mother was not formally schooled and was an addict of drugs. Her son's talent for making household appliances and home crafts was spurred by her. His father, a Serbian orthodox priest, tried to encourage him to join the clergy. Tesla instead pursued his studies in Europe and worked at the Central Telephone Exchange in Budapest. In spite of the challenges he faced, he always remained a self-taught genius.
His experiments caused blackouts
Some scientists believe that Nikola Tesla's experiments caused blackouts because they disrupted the grid. This isn't surprising, considering that Tesla had a severe neurological disorder that affected his brain. He suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder, and only lived in hotel rooms that were divisible by three. He was also averse to women wearing earrings. His eccentricities eventually led to his downfall, and he died penniless and alone.
His obsession with the number 3
There are many reasons to understand Nikola Tesla's obsession with the number 3. His mathematical genius led him to believe that the numbers three, six, and nine hold the key to the universe, and he preferred pyramid shapes over other geometric forms. While he had an insatiable love for mathematics, it was not until much later that he developed an obsession with the number three. The ancient Vedics also confirmed the superiority of the decimal system.
His work ethic
Nikola Tesla's work ethic was legendary during his lifetime. He devoted many years to his work, but it was not until his third year of school that his work ethic deteriorated. His grades fell and his work hours were long and irregular, ranging from three in the morning to eleven in the evening. Despite his success, he was unable to finish school because of his work schedule. He worked from three in the morning to eleven at night and didn't have a weekend off.