Parts of a Bird, Science Game Activity for Kids

What are the differences between birds and other animals? This game will help you learn about the various parts of a bird. This is part of our science game collection. This science activity for kids will teach you about the body of birds, including their wings and beak. This interactive educational game can help kids learn about the anatomy and physiology of birds. What number of body parts can you identify correctly? What are the commonalities between a bird's eyes and its beak?

This science activity, Parts of a Bird, will help you find out. Play the game to see how you do. The feathers cover the bird's body. These feathers keep birds cool and warm in the summer and winter. They can also be used by birds to fly. Useful for the Common Core Standards of Kindergarten.

This educational and fun game will help you learn all about the different parts of a bird. Learn all about this incredible animal's amazing body and beak. A bird's body is covered in feathers. Some birds have amazing colors. This game will teach you more about birds. Let's have an adventure!

Can you name every part of a bird? Feather coverings cover the bird's body. To keep bugs and dirt out, feathers are placed around the eyes. It can fly thanks to its wings. The beak is designed to help birds communicate, eat food and scoop water. They have tiny toes that allow birds to hold on to branches.

Birds fly because of their highly-specialized and streamlined bodies. Birds are lighter than most vertebrates and have more bones than any other vertebrates. These bones are hollow and filled by air sacs, which help to reduce their weight. The main purpose of a bird’s skeleton, however, is to support its feathers.