Subtraction 1 to 100 – Math Monkey Game

Monkey pirate math activity helps kids to review the subtraction of numbers from one to a hundred. This math game is suitable for primary school 1st and 2nd grade learners.

Ahoy, mateys! Get ready to join the monkey pirates on a thrilling math adventure! This fun and engaging math game will help young learners sharpen their subtraction skills from one to a hundred. With the help of these playful primates, kids can make subtraction a breeze and master this important math concept. Whether you're a first or second-grader, this game is perfect for you!

No need to worry about boring worksheets or lengthy exercises. With this math monkey game, kids can enjoy an exciting learning experience while improving their math abilities. Join the monkey pirates today and set sail on a journey full of subtraction challenges. This activity can be played on any device without installing any apps, making it convenient and accessible for both parents and teachers. So, hoist the anchor and get ready to subtract your way to victory with the math monkey game!