Word Synonyms ESL Quiz Game

This is an English/ESL learners word synonyms game to build vocabulary for 1st grade kids. Play the game to develop your word skills.

Vocabulary Skills
  • pick/choose
  • begin/start
  • sad/unhappy
  • run/jog
  • noise/sound
  • more.....
Game: The Kitten Race game is a time-limited multiple choice exercise.

The Word Synonyms ESL Quiz Game is an exciting and engaging way for 1st-grade students to build their vocabulary and improve their word skills. By playing this game, kids can practice and develop their vocabulary skills by learning synonyms of common words. The game features synonyms of words such as pick/choose, begin/start, sad/unhappy, run/jog, noise/sound, and more. The Kitten Race game is designed as a time-limited multiple choice exercise, where students must select the correct synonym of a given word. The game's interactive nature allows students to engage with the material in a fun and dynamic way, making it an excellent tool for ESL learners to practice and review English vocabulary. Teachers can also incorporate this game into their lesson plans to reinforce vocabulary learning or as a fun activity for review. With its easy-to-use interface and interactive features, the Word Synonyms ESL Quiz Game is an ideal resource for young learners looking to improve their English skills.