Adjectives Quiz Game for ESL Learners

This is a game to improve ESL learners’ vocabulary on commonly used adjectives in English. It helps English learners to become skilled at detecting adjectives with a good meaning and those with a bad meaning within the context of a sentence. The aim of the exercise is to learn to sense positive and negative descriptive words. As such, the exercise uses the adjectives in natural and high-frequency sentences, which is an effective strategy for developing a student’s associative memory of words in English.
This fun game can be used by English teachers and English learners to help students develop their vocabulary skills. Teachers can use the game in classrooms to energize learning or can be assigned as homework for students to practice on the go. The game works across multiple devices (mobile and desktop) without the need for an app, so learning can take place anywhere.

The following list of adjectives are used:

  • Good Adjectives: awesome, wonderful, lovely, excellent, gorgeous, superb, brilliant
  • Bad Adjectives: awful, dreadful, terrible, horrible, ghastly, horrendous

How adjectives improve vocabulary
Adjectives are descriptive words. They normally describe, modify or qualify the meaning of nouns. A noun is the name of person, place or thing. We often describe things in terms of good or bad, which forms one dimension for developing English vocabulary on adjectives.
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