English Grammar Game – Modal Verbs

ESL grammar quiz game to practice using modal verbs for English language learners.  Click the play button to begin.

Modals – Modal verbs are a unique kind of verb in English. They are sort of helping or auxiliary verbs. Modal verbs are generally used to indicate likelihood, ability, permission and request. They can also be used to offer suggestions, give orders, show obligation and give advice, among others. Read More

Examples of modal verbs include: can/could, able to, must, shall/should, would, could, may/might, will/would, have to
The most common modal verbs are often associated with the following uses:

  • Can, Could, Be Able to – Are used to express ability, possibility, ask or give permission, offer suggestions.
  • May/Might – Are commonly used to offer formal permission or the opposite; a polite request and suggestion, possibility and make a suggestion.
  • Shall/Should – Are commonly used to offer advice, make prediction and offer assistance or polite suggestion
  • Must, Have to, Need to – Used to show a requirement or necessity, past, to persuade or convince, show something is forbidden
  • Will/would – Are normally used in polite requests and statements, habitual actions in the past

How do you get good at using modals in English? Well, play the game above to practice, practice, and practice.Read Less