Interactive US map for kids

The United States has come very far since the original thirteen colonies claimed their independence from Great Britain. The country expanded for several decades, with people settling increasingly westwards until they reached the Pacific Ocean.

With a nation stretching from coast to coast, and from the frigid tundras of Alaska to the baking hot plains of Texas, it can be challenging to identify all fifty of its states, especially as a handful of them share the same general rectangular shape.

Your child might already be familiar with a few states due to their memorable shape. As an example, California, Florida, Texas are all recognizable as big states with unusual shapes.

For convenience, the country is divided into five geographical regions – starting from the top center going clockwise, these regions include the Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, and West. In the basic sense, the states in a particular region share a lot of culture and history with each other.

In the 20th century, the country admitted the territories of icy Alaska and sun-kissed Hawaii into the Union. These two states are the only ones that are separated from the contiguous United States. They are often lumped into the West region.

Help your young ones discover the geography of the United States with our interactive US map for kids.