Interactive Europe map for kids

Europe is a continent of rich history and traditions. Although composed of quite a lot of smaller and individually stunning nations, many of their cultures share a tightly-knit history with one another.

For instance, France is different from Italy or Spain in many ways – from their landmarks, to their dances, cheeses and favourite dishes – and yet deep down, all three countries share many similarities in their languages and traditions as they used to be part of the ancient Roman Empire.

The continent can be divided in many ways. The World Factbook separates Europe into several regions.

Some notable regions include Northern Europe, which encompasses the Scandinavian countries; Central Europe, formed mainly by Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and Austria; Western Europe, consisting of the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and the Benelux countries; Southwest Europe, covering the Iberian peninsula and the nations of Spain and Portugal; and Southeast Europe, containing Italy and Greece.

Russia dominates the Eastern region of the continent alongside Ukraine and Lithuania. The Southeast region, on the other hand, is formed by the Balkan states.

Feel free to consult this interactive Europe map for kids to help your little students gain an appreciation of Europe’s different countries and regions.