Spiders as Invertebrates, Science Game for Kids

This science game helps children learn and practice about spiders. Arachnids are spiders that are often mistakenly thought to be insects. This game will teach you more about spiders.

Spiders are invertebrates and many of them are carnivorous. This means that they eat insects and trap them inside their webs. They also absorb the digestive fluids of their prey. Although not all spider species create webs, all of them produce silk. This silk is used to climb up and tie themselves down for safety. Silk-laced clothing can also be made from this silk.

There are many spider species, including garden spiders, black widows, tarantulas and home spiders. All have hairy bodies.

Spiders, like all other invertebrates, lack a backbone. Their bodies are however rigid and make them easy to capture and eat. Spiders and insects are very similar in that both are invertebrates without a spine. The spider's body is composed of complex networks of fibers that allow it to move. Spinnerets are used to spin spider nets.

The egg sacs are where most spiders lay eggs. These egg sacs contain the embryos. Some spider species have elaborate mating rituals that help their conspecifics recognize each other. A male spider may approach a female to start the mating process. The male spider will typically leave the female alone after mating. Because the male spider is smaller than its female counterpart, the female is more likely to kill her prey. The black widow, however, is a spider that kills and eats her male partner after mating.