Stephen Hawking Facts, Science Game

This game will help children learn key facts about the English theoretical physicist and cosmologist, Stephen Hawking. His work on black holes proposed that they would emit subatomic particles until they exploded eventually. Play this game to learn more about Stephen Hawking, who is often mentioned alongside Albert Einstein.

Stephen Hawking Facts
Are you interested in learning more about the great scientist Stephen Hawking? This article will cover everything from His IQ to his first marriage. Discover what He loved to do outside of school, from rowing to dancing. You'll also learn about Stephen Hawking's first marriage and the key theory that changed the world. After all, you'll be impressed by the brilliant man who changed the world with his mind! Listed below are some interesting facts about the brilliant scientist.
Stephen Hawking's IQ
Stephen Hawking is one of the greatest scientists of all time, but he didn't brag about his IQ. His early life and educational background are intriguing and worth knowing about. His work in cosmology and physics has earned him the respect of many, and his breakthrough in physics laid the foundation for future advancement in this field. However, Stephen Hawking's IQ is still an open question. The following are some facts about his intelligence.
His first choice of subject in college was mathematics
Although his interest in cosmology sparked his interest in math, his college career was hardly a success. Hawking spent only an hour a day studying. However, his efforts paid off and he graduated with a first class honors degree in natural science. He then attended Trinity Hall at the University of Cambridge to earn his PhD in cosmology. After graduating, Hawking became a member of the Institute of Astronomy. He published his first book in 1973 with John Ellis.
His first marriage
Jane Hawking married Stephen Hawking when she was in her early thirties. The two had three children together. Jane was a talented singer, and grew close to church organist Jonathan Hellyer Jones during their later years. Hawking was an atheist, so Jane was unable to engage in any form of sexual activity. She moved in with him, and she and Hawking shared a home. The marriage was not without its problems.
His key theory on the universe
In a recent article in the New York Times, Stephen Hawking explains his key theory on the universe, gravitational lensing, and how black holes distort the background image. This discovery has influenced cosmologists for generations, and Hawking's theory was confirmed by scientists and astronomers worldwide. Hawking and Penrose's work also provided an explanation for the mysterious phenomena of black holes, which are not black at all, but white.
His life-threatening infection
Professor Stephen Hawking has had a chest infection for several weeks. He has been undergoing tests at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge. The details of Hawking's infection have not been made public. Regardless of the cause, infections are a serious concern for those who have to use a ventilator for a prolonged period. Jonathan D. Glass, neurology professor and director of the ALS Center at Emory University, believes that Hawking may have contracted poliomyelitis as a teenager.