Thomas Edison Facts, Science Game

This game will help children learn key facts about the American inventor and businessman, Thomas Edison. Edison invented many devices from electric power generation, and the light bulb, to mass communication devices. His true genius lay in his ability to bring existing technologies and ideas to the masses. Play this game to learn more about Thomas Ava Edison.

Thomas Edison Facts
You might be wondering what Thomas Edison did for a living. Did you know that he was a businessman? This article will give you Thomas Edison Facts and tell you more about this innovative individual. Not only did he create lightbulbs and other electrical appliances, but he was also the inventor of safety fuses and on/off switches. Learn more about his fascinating life by reading our article. You'll be glad you did!
Thomas Edison was a businessman
Thomas Edison was a successful businessman who created a number of technologies. He built an electric light factory in 1881 and then moved to New York with his family. His goal was to bring new products to market through a manufacturing base that was strong enough to compete with Western mines. He was also able to refine his early R&D project team invention philosophy, connecting it with the manufacturing process and creating a strong business thrust that would serve as a blueprint for future economic growth and progress.
He invented lightbulbs
Thomas Edison was a brilliant inventor and businessman. He rose from humble beginnings to create some of the greatest innovations of the century. His invention of the light bulb transformed the way people lived after dark. Before the light bulb, people relied on lamp oils and manufactured natural gas to light up their homes. As electricity became cheaper and safer, people began installing electric lights in their homes and workplaces. Asteroid 742 Edisona was named in his honor.
He invented safety fuses
When Thomas Edison invented safety fuses, he was thinking of making electrical systems safer for people. He wanted to make lightbulbs easy to install and easy to operate. He developed safety wire for the Pearl Street station and the safety wire quickly became standard in electrical installations. This device was one of Edison's greatest innovations, and was a simple, automatic cut-out device. It was later installed in the electric lighting systems of homes and businesses.
He invented on/off switches
Thomas Edison invented on/off switches in 1879. In 1881, he founded an electric light factory in East Newark, New Jersey. In 1882, he moved to New York with his family and set up a laboratory there. This invention drastically changed our daily lives. It was not until 1891 that Edison started selling his inventions. The inventions of Thomas Edison are widely used today. You may be surprised to learn that he also invented the tabletop fan.
He made creepy talking dolls
A lot of people think that Thomas Edison made creepy talking dolls based on the old ghoulish fairy tales. While this might be true, today we know that Edison was a century ahead of his time. Edison figured out how to make talking dolls that were affordable and realistic, but the dolls flopped in the market and were not successful. The Park Service has even recalled some of the creepiest dolls, citing the high price.
He died from diabetes mellitus
Thomas Edison was an American inventor who died at age 84 from complications of diabetes mellitus. The man who invented the light bulb was an avid reader and was fascinated by how things worked. He was married twice and was the father of three children. One of his children, Samuel Ogden Jr., was the first Edison to be diagnosed with diabetes. Edison walked to a park to feed the pigeons every day.

Get ready to learn about one of the greatest inventors of all time with this science game about Thomas Edison! Edison was an American inventor and businessman who developed many groundbreaking devices that transformed modern life. He is most famous for inventing the light bulb, but he also created electric power generation systems and mass communication devices.

This game will take you on a journey through Edison's life, highlighting his most important inventions and contributions to society. You'll discover how he harnessed the power of electricity to light up the world and how he brought his ideas to the masses. Play this game to uncover fascinating facts about Thomas Edison and his incredible impact on science and technology.