The life cycle of a lion quiz

Lions belong to a group of feline mammals called the “big cats,” alongside other cats like the cheetah, jaguar, leopard, and the tiger.

Female lions carry baby lions in their belly for roughly three to four months. It’s likely that two to three cubs are born during each pregnancy.

Oddly enough, lion cubs start out with curious little splotches of brown or tan on their fur. As they grow older, these fur spots will slowly start to fade away. Even as babies, they enjoy the bloody taste of raw meat provided by the adults of their pride. In fact, cubs will even start to stalk and hunt their own prey in 11 months.

Male cubs that are around a year old will eke out a living on their own, developing their hunting and stalking skills in the wilderness, away from their pride. When they are strong and experienced enough, they return to another group of lions and challenge all the males for dominance over the pride.

Female cubs similarly learn to hunt, although one or a few may stay behind to watch over other cubs, much like a babysitter.

Our life cycle of a lion quiz is a fun and entertaining way to increase your understanding of how lions grow from helpless, kitten-like babies into the "kings of the savannah."