The water cycle quiz online

From relaxing, rainy afternoons to wintertime fun playing with snow, the water cycle is responsible for many types of weather we enjoy.

Water doesn’t stay in one place – it always moves throughout the environment through the water cycle. The water cycle is made of several stages as water moves and changes phases.
Evaporation occurs when the Sun’s heat causes liquid water to become steam, also known as water vapor. As this gas reaches high up the sky, it gets cooled by the atmosphere and turns into clouds through condensation. When clouds get too heavy, some water particles fall down as precipitation, taking the form of rain, snow or hail.
Sometimes, ice and snow can also turn into vapour directly. We call this process sublimation.
Some stages of the water cycle deal with the movement of water. Transportation refers to water that moves through the atmosphere, such as with clouds. Landwater in rivers and lakes can also move through the surface as runoff, or seep into the ground through infiltration.
In the water cycle quiz online, you can improve your understanding of how the Earth’s water circulates throughout nature, and how water changes into its various stages throughout the water cycle, such as rain or snow, water vapour and ice.