Diagram of an animal cell quiz online

Gorillas, humpback whales, Labrador retrievers, iguanas, eagles, and butterflies – what do these animals have in common? Well, you’ll have to look pretty closely to find your answer – animal cells.

Most animal cells are invisible to the naked eye. They are the most basic functional unit of life; every animal on Earth is made up of trillions of these cells.
All animal cells are eukaryotic – they store DNA within the nucleus and possess things called organelles, which perform specialized roles in assisting the cell’s role to the organism, and keeping the cell alive.
Each cell is enclosed by a cell membrane to separate the cell’s insides from its environment. Everything inside a cell, including the organelles, is suspended in a jelly-like substance called cytoplasm.
Some organelles, like the nucleus, store genetic material and enable the cell to grow and divide. Others, like the ribosome and endoplasmic reticulum, make proteins and other useful substances, which are transported elsewhere with the help of the Golgi apparatus. The mitochrondia produces energy for the cell to continue functioning.
With the help of this diagram of an animal cell quiz online, you’ll have the chance to develop your understanding of the different structures and organelles in an animal cell, and better relate them to their corresponding functions.