Interactive Asian map for kids

Asia is a gigantic continent. You can hike across the frigid hinterlands of Russia, ski down the sand dunes in Saudi Arabia, and say hello to the sea critters living in the coral reefs of the Philippines’ seas, and remain within the boundaries of the largest continent on Earth.

We can subdivide Asia into several regions. The countries comprising each region can vary depending on scientific perspective.

The six Asian regions include Western Asia, which covers much of the Middle East, including Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia; North Asia, comprised solely of Russia; East Asia, made up primarily by China and Japan; Southeast Asia, which features Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore; and South Asia, notably including India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

You might observe that Central Asia, the sixth region, contains some of the world’s few landlocked countries, such as Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

The cultural and geographical scope of Asia is simply enormous. It contains the Yangtze River – the world’s single largest river – as well as the gargantuan Himalayas mountain range. You can find deserts, tropical rainforests, tundras, and nearly every other biome in Asia.

Refer to our interactive Asian map for kids to help your little students familiarize the geography, borders, and regional groupings of the different countries in Asia.