Interactive Canadian map for kids

Canada is among the world’s largest countries, yet very few people live in its pristine but untamed land. It touches three oceans on three sides – to the west, the northern Pacific Ocean, to the east, the Atlantic, and to its north, the frigid seas of the Arctic. Only a quarter of Canadians eke out a living in the wilderness; the rest live in the large urban settlements along its lakes and shores.

The country is organized into ten official major provinces and a few smaller provinces. It also features three territories – the Yukon, Nunavut and the Northwestern Territories – where a sizable portion of Native Canadians reside.

We can categorize Canada’s provinces and territories into five main sub-regions. The Northern Territories, quite aptly, are composed of the aforementioned three territories. The West Coast Pacific region is formed only by British Columbia, which straddles Canada’s entire Pacific shoreline.

East of British Columbia, we can locate the Prairie Provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Further east are the large provinces of Ontario and Quebec. These two form the Central Canada region.

Lastly, we have the Atlantic region, where we can find Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Use this interactive Canadian map for kids as a convenient and detailed study guide for learning about the provinces and geography of this chilly, but enchanting land.