Life cycle of a frog quiz

Frogs – like its other amphibian cousins - go through a curious transformation in their lives, changing from an aquatic existence into one lived fully on land.

Every frog starts from a tiny, jello-like egg. You might have seen clusters of tens to hundreds of these frog eggs lazily floating around in a pond or other stagnant body of water. Depending on the species, an egg will hatch in roughly one to three weeks. When it does, a fish-like tadpole swims out.

Although tadpoles are baby frogs, they look almost nothing like their adult counterparts. Much like a fish, has gills that allow it to breathe in oxygen from the water. Tadpoles love to nibble on plant matter, growing over many weeks.

A tadpole’s front half will start to appear more frog-like as it becomes a froglet. Two little hind legs have appeared that allow it to start leaping.

After a few more weeks, the froglet will have developed into a young frog. This phase nearly resembles the adult form. Only the frog’s long tail, left over from its awkward tadpole days, remain. Once this is completely lost over time, the frog will have reached maturity.

Check out our life cycle of a frog quiz here today to cement your understanding on the various phases undergone by a frog throughout its lifespan.