Jobs Lesson Words & Sentences ESL Video

  • Topic : Jobs
  • Vocabulary:  jobs vocabulary, firefighter, police officer, postal worker, doctor, nurse, taxi driver, zookeeper, pilot, dentist, lawyer
  • Grammar:  This lesson shows learners how to describe what they want to be using the future verb ‘want to be’. It also uses action words (verbs) to describe jobs.


Want to be

  • want to be a dentist.
  • What do you want to be?

Job Description Verbs

  • What does a firefighter do?
  • A firefighter puts out fires.
  • A doctor takes care of sick people.

The verb ‘want’ in 1st and 3rd person singular.

  • want to be a doctor.
  • Sally wants to be a teacher.
  • She wants to be a nurse.