Sports Words & Sentences ESL Video

  • Sports Words & Sentences
  • Vocabulary:  running,volleyball, soccer, long jump, table tennis, badminton, baseball,
  • Grammar:  This lesson focuses on compound words, using the word ‘like’ and adjectives that are followed by prepositions.


  • 1- Compound Words

( A compound word is a word that is formed by two other words)

  • base + ball = baseball
  • volley + ball = volleyball
  • table + tennis = table tennis

2- Verb ‘to like’  -  present simple 

(“To like” is a verb that describes a situation, state, or condition. It only changes during the 3rd person singular. )

  • I like baseball. (1st person singular)
  • You like baseball. (2nd  person singular)
  • She likes baseball. (3rd person singular)
  • Sally likes baseball. (3rd  person singular)
  • We like baseball. (1st  person plural)
  • You(many) like baseball. (2nd  person plural)
  • They like baseball. (3rd person plural)

3- Adjectives followed by prepositions

 (Sometimes, adjectives are followed by a preposition. We do this a lot when we talk about our abilities and we use the adjective ‘good’ or ‘bad’ followed by the preposition ‘at’)

  • I am good at math.
  • He is good at playing basketball.
  • I’m bad at playing soccer.
  • Are you good at playing soccer?
  • What sports are you good at?
  • I am good at  volleyball.