Sports Lesson Dialogue ESL Video

  • Sports Lesson Dialogue
  • Communication Objectives: Viewers will learn how to tell which sports they like more than others and to use new phrases when talking about their favorite sports in this ESL lesson.
  • Language Objectives: Viewers will learn how to tell others what they like most and least, and to talk about what they are able to do. They will use adjectives followed by prepositions -- good at, bad at. They will also learn how to use basic skills to compare things. Dialogue Story:  Freddie, Lisa and their friends are playing. It is a sport’s day at their school. All of the students on the playground are playing different sports. The students begin to talk about which sports they like the best and what sports they are good at. Freddie and Bob think a short kid who is playing better than the tall kids is amazing. They learn not to judge others based on how they look.
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  • Sentence Structures:
    • I like playing soccer.
    • Sally is good at playing baseball.
    • The short boy is bad at playing basketball.
    • He is better than the skinny boys.
    • I can swim faster.

Grammar:  adjectives followed by prepositions (good at, bad at), comparatives (better than, faster)