Giving & Asking for Directions ESL Video Lesson

  • Topic: Giving & Asking for Directions ESL Lesson
  • Communication Objectives: Children will ask for and give directions, and will recall place-oriented vocabulary.
  • Language Objectives:  Children will ask for directions by saying ‘where is’ or ‘how do I get’. They will also be able to use imperatives to give directions to another (go straight, go forward, etc)


  • Dialogue Story:  Freddie and Lisa want to go to the stadium to watch a game. They go into the city, but have a hard time finding the stadium. They ask two strangers for directions and find their way.
  • Sentence Structures:
    • Excuse me, where is the soccer stadium?
    • It’s on Maple Street.
    • How do we get to Maple Street?
    • Go straight and turn right at the intersection.
    • It’s opposite the next bus stop.