Zoo Animals ESL Lesson Dialogue Video

  • Zoo Animals ESL Lesson Dialogue
  • Communication Objectives: In this lesson, viewers learn how to use clues such as what an animal looks like or eats to describe the animal.
  • Language Objectives: This lesson teaches ESL learners how to use similies to compare two things. In addition, the lesson also teaches students how to describe how an animal looks and what they eat.

zoo visit

  • Dialogue Story:  When Dad takes Freedie and Lisa to the zoo, a zookeeper takes them through the zoo on a trolley. Freddie and Lisa ask many questions about the animals. The zookeeper and Dad answer their questions. Lisa gets so excited about the animals that she jumps out of the trolley to play with the monkeys! The monkeys steal Lisa’s hat!
  • Sentence Structures:
    • A panda is black and white.
    • Pandas eat bamboo leaves.
    • A giraffe is tall.
    • An elephant’s nose is called a trunk.
    • Elephants eat fruit and leaves.
    • Lions and tigers eat meat.
    • Zebras look like black and white horses.
    • Zebras have beautiful stripes.
    • An ostrich can’t fly.