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Dinosaur Facts: Did You Know that Dinosaurs Are Not Your Average Pet?
Did you know that dinosaurs evolved into many species? What were their traits? What were their characteristics? Were they bipedal, warm-blooded and petrified. These are the kinds of questions that you'll find out about in this article. Continue reading to find out more about the dinosaur family. Remember that dinosaurs weren't your average pet! These facts will amaze you about dinosaurs!
They have evolved in many ways
The first dinosaurs were bird-like and could be divided into two groups: Ornithischia, which was lizard-like, or Saurischia which was bird-like. Modern birds were not derived from the former. These two dinosaur groups merged into a bipedal predator group known as theropods. Theropod fossils have similarities to bird bones, such as the wishbone which was created by joining the clavicles.
They were warm-blooded
The University of Adelaide's new study has shown that dinosaurs are warm-blooded and not cold-blooded as reptiles. Researchers claimed that dinosaurs that were cold-blooded would not have been able to prey upon other animals and that warm-blooded dinosaurs dominated mammals in the Mesozoic period. The debate about whether dinosaurs were cold-blooded or warm-blooded has intensified over this new discovery.
They were terrified
The Petrified Forest contains dinosaur fossils dating back to around 200 million years ago. This area once belonged to the supercontinent Pangea. This area was once home to the equator, as well as large rivers and tropical forests. The planet was not ruled by dinosaurs until many millions of years later. Before then, animals and plants were all common. The Petrified Forest was an haven for archosaurs.
They were bipedal
Bipedalism could have originated in dinosaurs. Bipedal dinosaurs included some that were bipedal and others that were quadrupedal. This meant they could walk and run on all four of their legs. It is possible that they ran on two legs and used their short arms for speed. Bipedalism's exact mechanism is not known. We do know, however, that both birds and apes were bipedal.
They ate leaves
Did Dinosaurs eat leafy vegetables? Scientists have found evidence that certain species of dinosaurs ate leaves. Although the exact species of plants that dinosaurs ate is still unknown, experts agree that they likely ate a variety of leafy plants. Brontosaurus was an example of a herbivore, meaning that it was more of a scavenger than predator. Most dinosaurs were herbivorous. This means that they could pick up and chew leaves and other plant material. However, some species had distinct tastes.
They walked on all fours
While we all know that dinosaurs could walk on their hind legs, did you know that some were also bipeds? Some dinosaurs walked only on their hind legs while others walked all fours. Researchers were able compare the ratio between the upper leg bone and the upper arm bone from 81 dinosaur specimens with several large-bodied reptiles, mammals, and other large-bodied reptiles. The ratio of the upper leg bone to the upper arm bone of 81 dinosaur specimens is likely smaller. This would indicate that the forelimbs were thicker as they put weight on them.
They conspired against each other
If dinosaurs had been intelligent, they wouldn’t have sabotaged one another. They have been doing this for so many years. We are no longer living in an era where dinosaurs used their power to harm each other. This is just the beginning of what's yet to come. This series will reveal the most famous example of dinosaurs deliberately sabotaging one another.