Art class, school supplies, words & sentences ESL Video

  • Topic: Art Class, School Supplies, Words & Sentences
  • Vocabulary:  eraser, glue, crayons, pencil, pen, pencil box, scissors, pass, give, cut, draw, book, paper etc.
  • Grammar:  This lesson allows children to give commands and request things using imperatives such as ‘may’ or ‘can’.

art class

Modal Verbs for Polite Questions:

  • Can I  use your paper?
  • May I  borrow your stapler?

Imperatives for giving commands and making requests

  • Pass me  the stapler.  
  • Give me  the paper.  
  • Draw  an apple.  
  • Cut out your apple.
    Action verbs & School Supplies Noun Association

  • We draw with a pencil.