Clothes: What are you wearing? ESL Video Lesson

  • Topic: Clothes & Colors – What are you wearing?
  • Communication Objectives: Use colors to describe what someone is wearing.
  • Language Objectives: Use colors as the describing words for clothing.
  • Vocabulary:  clothes - T-shirts, shorts, skirts, etc. Colors  – yellow, purple, pink, red, green, etc.
  • Sentence Structures:
    • What are you wearing today?
    • I’m wearing a blue T-shirt.

    clothes colors

  • Grammar:
    • present progressive: When talking about actions that are continual, or don’t stop, we use the present progressive. The present progressive is presented in this lesson in order to use the verb ‘to wear’ in order to say what we ‘are wearing’.

adjectives of color: describing words for nouns are adjectives. Colors are adjectives because they are used to describe things, such as clothing. Ex: a blue T-shirt, a red apple.

Are you ready to learn about clothes and colors in English? Welcome to Unit 5 of ESL/EFL! In this lesson, young English learners will be introduced to basic clothes and colors vocabulary.

You will learn how to talk about what you and others are wearing, and how to describe clothes using adjectives of color. This lesson will also expand your descriptive vocabulary and help you combine words to describe a variety of nouns.

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to confidently describe your own clothes, as well as the clothes of others. You will have a greater understanding of basic English vocabulary and be able to communicate more effectively.

So, get ready to add some new words to your English vocabulary and start describing the clothes around you. Join us for Unit 5 of ESL/EFL and let's explore the colorful world of clothing together!