Transportation ESL Video Lesson

  • Topic: Transportation – I come to school by car.
  • Communication Objectives: Talk about the means of transportation.
  • Language Objectives: Use the phrase ‘how do you?‘ to ask questions about transportation. Recognize that the phrase ‘how do you?’ requires an answer and provide that answer.
  • Vocabulary:  transportation  – foot, car, plane, bus, bicycle, taxi, truck, van  etc.
  • Sentence Structures:
    • Do you always come to school by plane?
    • Yes, I do.
    • How do you come to school?



by car / on foot:  Use the preposition ‘by’ when the mode of transportation is a machine (car, boat, truck, etc). Use the preposition ‘on’ when we walk.  We go ‘by’ that machine. We go on foot.


  • I come to school by plane.
  • I come to school by boat.
  • I come to school on foot. (CORRECT)

I come to school by foot. (WRONG)