Weather & clothes – How’s the weather? ESL Video Lesson

  • Topic: Weather & clothes – How’s the weather?
  • Communication Objectives: Use English to talk about what the weather is like and the appropriate clothing to wear in the weather.
  • Language Objectives: Use ‘how’ to ask questions about what the weather is like. Use key phrasal verbs to describe how to dress in the weather (put on, take off, etc).
  • Vocabulary:  weather conditions – sunny, hot, rainy. weather clothing-  sunglasses, umbrella, sweater, shorts, hat. phrasal verbs - put on, take off   etc.
  • Sentence Structures:
    • How’s the weather today?
    • It’s cold and rainy.
    • Put on your raincoat.
  • weather clothes

  • Grammar:
    • Phrasal verbs: A phrasal verb is a verb that uses context to best explain it’s use with a preposition. For instance, the two main phrasal verbs are – take off vs. put on. The two phrasal verbs are nicely illustrated and easy to understand in this weather and clothes lesson.

How’s vs. How is:  Contractions that occur in regularly spoken English.