This is my father ESL Video

  • Topic: This is my father.
  • Communication Objectives: To see family members and learn how to describe them.
  • Language Objectives:  To use basic sentences to introduce family members and other people.
  • Vocabulary:  family members – father, mother, grandpa, grandma, brother, sister, aunt, uncle
  • Sentence Structures:
    • This is my father.
    • This is my mother.

    this is my father family

  • Grammar: Give descriptions or information about people close to you by using a pronoun that shows or demonstrates.  A pronoun replaces a person, place, or thing.
    • This is my father. (Replaces the name of the father)
    • This is my brother.  (Replaces the name of the brother)

possessive adjective: This lesson practices using the word ‘my’ to show ownership. The word ‘my’ is a possessive adjective. Possessive adjectives show that someone or something owns something else.

  • my uncle-  my  aunt

my sister   -  my  brother