What color is this? ESL Video Lesson

  • Topic: What color is this?
  • Communication Objectives: To use learned color words to describe items.
  • Language Objectives: To use colors as a way to describe or ask for items.
  • Vocabulary:  names of colors - red, yellow, blue, black, orange, brown, green, purple, pink. Common words – apple, pear, dog, car, banana, carrot, peach, pen, etc.
  • Sentence Structures:
    • What color is this?
    • It’s red.
    • What color is the apple?
    • It’s a red apple.


  • Grammar: To use the word “What” to ask questions about items, specifically to ask questions about the color of an item. To reinforce the idea of contractions.
    • What …? (question word)
    • What …? (question word)

It’s ... (‘It is’ in a contracted form).

Unit 4 of ESL/EFL is all about teaching young learners the names of colors in English. This unit focuses on enabling learners to give physical descriptions of things by their color.

Learning colors is an essential aspect of language development as colors are adjectives that describe nouns. By learning colors, students can describe the world around them more accurately and effectively.

In addition to learning color names, this unit also introduces contractions "what's" and "it's." Contractions are shortened forms of two words that are used frequently in English, so it's important for students to understand how they work.

By the end of this unit, students will have a good understanding of color names and how to use them to give physical descriptions of things. They will also have a good grasp of contractions and be able to use them in context.

Overall, Unit 4 is an essential lesson for young learners who are beginning to learn English as a second language. It provides a foundation for future language development and helps students describe the world around them more accurately and effectively.